ICP Nurseries has been named by parents as one of the Top 20 nursery groups

12 April 2018

ICP Nurseries has been named by parents as one of the Top 20 nursery groups in the UK by daynurseries.co.uk. The Top 20 groups received an award from the leading day nurseries review site, daynurseries.co.uk, based on the Nursery group’s reviews from the children’s families and carers.

Tracey Storey, CEO, said “we are absolutely delighted to have been named as one of the Top 20 Nursery groups in the UK. Everything we do is centred around each and every child and we are absolutely focused on ensuring we provide the very best environment, the highest quality childcare and continue to develop our staff team’s knowledge. We want to thank all of our children’s families and carers for recognising our efforts with their wonderful reviews but, of course, huge thanks and a well done to all of our fantastic staff teams who provide outstanding care to all our children every day.”

“The ethos and vision of a nursery group can have a huge impact on children’s lives, teaching them vital developmental skills and boosting their emotional and social wellbeing, which will act as a foundation for the rest of their lives. ICP Nurseries has shown its nurseries are helping to positively shape the lives of children. We would like to congratulate it on being a top nursery group, as rated by parents! We feel it is a real achievement to be recognised for being in the Top 20 nursery groups by children’s families and carers.”

Davina Ludlow, chair of daynurseries.co.uk