Double Celebration for Tunbridge Wells’ Little Rascals Nursery and Pre-Prep

23 November 2021

It has been an exciting time for Little Rascals Nursery and Pre-Prep in Tunbridge Wells as they celebrated their 10th birthday at the same time the Nursery and Pre-Prep Manager, Sarah Cramp celebrated her 10th work anniversary.

Little Rascals, which is situated in central Tunbridge Wells, only a short walk from the train station, opened its doors 10 years ago, and has been an integral part of the local community ever since.  As the most established Nursery in the town, they have become the ‘go-to’ that parents know and trust.

Sarah Cramp joined the Nursery at the very beginning of their journey as a Room Leader before becoming Manager in 2014, and has seen the Nursery & Pre-Prep go from strength to strength during this time.  She is ably supported by her Deputy Managers, Billie Baillie-Mclauchlan, Gemma Elliott, and Bryony Chapman who have also been ‘part of the furniture’ for many years.

When asked what the key to the Nursery & Pre-Prep’s success has been, Sarah said, “We believe we have created something extremely special here for our children, staff and families; a home from home environment which also offers the highest level of care and education to each and every one of our children”.

Sarah praised the caring staff team who she believes are “fundamental to the ethos” the Nursery & Pre-Prep promote, describing the way in which they “support children in all areas of their development, whether that is educationally, emotionally, or physically”.

The Nursery and Pre-Prep take a truly holistic approach to care and learning which is led by their children’s individual interests and needs, but always aims to inspire awe and wonder and a love of learning.

“Whilst the children are our absolute focus, we have always tried to make life for our families that little bit easier too. We are extremely blessed with our location, meaning our families can drop their children off at 7:30am at no extra cost, walk to the station and still be on the 7:36am train to London. We offer completely hassle-free commuting, and that of course is extremely popular with parents who want to avoid that stress in the morning.”

Sarah also speaks passionately about why she has stayed with the Nursery and Pre-Prep for such a long time, “I have got such joy from seeing the staff team and children develop and grow over time and I just can’t imagine being anywhere else – once a ‘Little Rascal’, always a ‘Little Rascal!’”.

One of the things Sarah loves most about her job, is the extended relationship she gets to build with her families. “Knowing that as we wave one of our older Pre-Prep children off to ‘big school’, their younger sibling is joining our Baby Room, means we get to stay a part of our families lives for many years. Seeing our families grow as their children develop and move through the Nursery is really magical.”

Despite being so well established, the Nursery and Pre-Prep aren’t resting on their laurels, and are always looking for ways to develop what they offer children and their families. For example, they are very excited to shortly be introducing some new Above and Beyond Educational Experiences which include children’s Photography and Woodwork sessions. They are also launching a ‘grab and go’ breakfast service for their busy parents, as a part of a campaign to remind parents to “Look after you, too.”

The Pre-Prep has also recently completed Emotion Coaching training and is now only the third early years setting in the whole of the UK to become an officially accredited Emotion Coaching Accredited setting. The staff at Pre-Prep use Emotion Coaching to nurture emotionally supportive relationships which nurtures the promotion of children’s resilience and mental wellbeing. Further information about how this is implemented at the Pre-Prep and the benefits for children can be found here.

The Nursery and Pre-Prep is open from 7:30am to 6:30pm Monday to Friday and cares for children from the age of 3 months right through to age 5 when they leave to attend a variety of well-regarded local schools.

Having originally opened in their beautiful, converted Edwardian House on Clanricarde Gardens, due to high demand, 3 years later, the Nursery and Pre-Prep expanded into a near-mirror-image house on the adjacent Lonsdale Gardens.  Sarah said, “We are so lucky to have these two beautiful buildings, which have enabled us to create environments which cater really specifically for each age and stage of our children as they grow and develop with us”.

Describing how this benefits the children, Sarah explained that “at around age 3, our children transition from the Nursery building, to the Pre-Prep building. This move is fantastic for children’s confidence, and helps to prepare them for their future transition to school but with the security of remaining part of the same Little Rascals family which they know and love.  Our children are always so proud to be ‘moving up to Pre-Prep’, which really supports their school readiness.”

The Nursery and Pre-Prep are loved by local children and parents alike and hold an incredible 9.9 and 10 out of 10 average review rating on the UK’s leading Nursery review website,, Their review pages boast nearly 200 reviews singing the praises of this wonderful setting.

If you would like more information, or to book a visit to the Nursery & Pre-Prep, please contact , visit or click here to follow the Nursery and Pre-Prep Facebook pages.