ICP Nurseries generates 825 thumbs up in support of the #ThumbsUpForEarlyYears campaign!

19 February 2021

ICP Nurseries participated in the #ThumbsUpForEarlyYears Campaign on Thursday 18th February 2021.  This was a campaign that the whole early years sector in the UK participated in which was to show appreciation for the wonderful staff who work with young children.

In total, 825 thumbs up images were shared on social media.  All of our staff and their friends and families, our children and parents in all of our ICP Nurseries participated.

“I was thrilled at the involvement by all our staff and their friends and families, as well as our children and their parents – it was so wonderful seeing all the photographs and videos coming through to our Facebook pages. The appreciation celebrations across the whole sector was heart-warming. The work that practitioners do every day in early years settings, with care, enthusiasm, pride and commitment, is invaluable – this campaign was to highlight their amazing contribution they make each and every day.” Tracey  Storey.