Orchard Barns Stratford St Mary achieve The Royal Horticultural Society Garden Champion level 4 award

03 March 2021

Orchard Barns Stratford St Mary are thrilled to announce they have achieved their Level 4 Garden Champions Award from the Royal Horticultural Society. To gain this award the children grew some carrots from seeds, caring for them until they were ready for harvest. They then looked through some recipes deciding to make carrot muffins. The RHS sent the Nursery an abundance of seeds so that they can continue our growing all year round.

Lavinia, the Nursery manager expressed how “The children thoroughly enjoy their sessions taking part in our above and beyond experience at nursery. These sessions encourage and support children’s learning, development and knowledge, and understanding of the world we live in. But much more than that is their engagement, making links, being focused, and getting that outside fresh air to promote a healthy body and mind.”

You can find out more information and get involved in RHS here: https://www.rhs.org.uk/