Pre-Prep arrives as Tunbridge Wells Pre-School launched with exciting new development!

28 February 2019

Thursday 28th February saw Little Rascals Pre-School in Clanricarde Gardens, Tunbridge Wells, celebrate its relaunch as Little Rascals Pre-Prep.

With over 20 local families attending alongside the Pre-Prep team, this successful evening provided the opportunity to explore the exciting and innovative learning opportunities Little Rascals Pre-Prep can offer the children who attend.

Visitors to the re-launch had the chance to experience bespoke, state-of-the-art educational resources that have been extensively researched and in the case of many, sourced from outside of the UK to ensure the best possible quality provision is offered to the children.

Pre-Prep Manager, Charlotte Nash, introduced the evening and discussed with parents the difference between the setting previously as a Pre-School and now as a Pre-Prep, she said “the approach is centred around the teaching and learning and how we deliver this on a daily basis. A new timetable and a range of lesson plans allow us to add more elements of structure to the day, whilst maintaining a fun and exciting learning environment with activities that stretch children’s imagination, curiosity and critical thinking skills.”

Children who attend the Pre-Prep are provided with, a book bag, work exercise books to capture all their creativity and writing, a uniform, and all sessions are led by an Early Years Teacher.

Charlotte elaborated further on this with the parents, explaining how they have taken time to develop an educational programme that stands out from the Early Years Foundation Stage, which is the curriculum framework that all early years’ settings must follow. She states, “We strive to ensure the children leave our setting with all the skills they need to continue to be independent learners who have a positive attitude towards their learning and development, and that they are well prepared for the future next steps in their learning. Our play-based approach to extended teaching opportunities follows similar routines to those of our local schools, allowing us to make sure each child is fully prepared for taking that next step at the end of their time with us.”

The team at Little Rascals Pre-Prep have formed an environment where children’s natural curiosity and initiative is nurtured and praised and the development of self-confidence and enthusiasm for learning is at the forefront of all that they do.

If you are looking for childcare and would like to know more about Little Rascals Pre-Prep, or to book a visit, please contact Charlotte Nash on 01892 313244 or or visit