Tracey Storey, CEO of ICP Nurseries Officially Named One Of The Highest Rated CEOs In The UK

16 September 2020

Tracey Storey, CEO of ICP Nurseries has been officially named 7th highest rated CEO during the Covid-19 crisis in the UK by

ICP employees have expressed their feedback on the excellent communication , support and engagement from upper management.

Glassdoor reviews help give a more detailed look into how employees have reacted to their CEO’s leadership during this time.

Glassdoor sated how “It’s during difficult times that a leader really shows his or her true colours. This year in particular, CEOs have had to make a range of difficult decisions given the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. It’s clear that some employees have felt supported and taken care of throughout the past few months as their employers have tried their best to prioritize the health and safety of their workforce, while also doing what’s right for the business they lead. Using employee feedback on Glassdoor, we examine which CEOs standout for their leadership during these trying times.”